Corporate clients

This is a list of client companies that the Sharpe Consulting Group has represented over the years. For some of these clients we arranged financing, others we introduced to potential buyers for their products or services, and for a few we provided straightforward consulting services. Of these clients, 80 were publicly traded companies. 

Absorptive Technology Inc.
Aegean Resources Corporation
AIMS Biotech Corporation
Algo Resources Inc.
Alotta Resources Ltd.
American Canadian Systems Inc.
Anglo Canadian Auto Supply Ltd.
Arequipa Holdings Ltd.

Argonaut Resources Ltd.
Asia-Pacific Resources Ltd.
Athabaska Gold Resources Ltd.
Bicer Medical Corporation
Bioject Medical Corporation
Bilogix (B.C.) Ltd.
Blackberry Gold Resources Ltd.
Black Swan Gold Mines Ltd.
Blue Sun Resource Corporation
Blue Ute Mining Ltd.
Bob Leslie Trio
Butte Resources Ltd.

Canadian Insulock Corporation
Canadian Natural Resources
Canamex Enterprises
Canawest Radio Brokers
Canby Resources Inc.
Castle Engineering and Manufacturing Ltd.
Chesapeake Computer Systems Inc.
Consolidated Westrex Development Corporation
Continental Gold Corporation
Crew Natural Resources Ltd.
Cryopak Corporation
Cusac Industries Ltd.
Danbus Magnetic Systems Inc.
Decorstone Industries Inc.
Devonshire Hotel
Diners Club
Early Bird Mines Ltd.
E.K. Williams & Company International (Canada) Ltd.
Epping Realty Corporation
Frontend International Technologies
Gabbs Resources Ltd.
Galveston Resources Ltd.
GeoAccess Communications Inc.
Golden Seven Industries Inc.
Goldnev Resources Inc.
Granville Island Brewing
Great Canadian Cider Inc.
Gulf International Minerals Ltd.
Gulf Titanium Ltd.
Heather Resources Inc.
Hero Industries Ltd.
Hi Tech Ventures Inc.
Houston Metals Corporation
HTR Industries Inc.
Inca Mining and Development Corporation
Inel Resources Ltd.

InstaSchools Inc.
International Absorbents Inc.
International Phasor Telecom Ltd.
International Shasta Resources Ltd.
ITP Thermal Packaging Inc.
Izone International Ltd.
JetPacers International Club
John White Group
J.R. Energy Inc.
Katherine Energy Inc.
La Roma Pizza
Lazer Maze Industries Inc.
Lifestyle Beverage Corporation
Los Angeles Police Department
Low-Cost Homes Ltd.
Lynx Management Ltd.
Mario's Italian Restaurant
Med-Tech Systems Inc.
Meridor Resources Ltd.
Merit Technologies Ltd.
Mexican-American Commission for the Eradication of the Screwworm
New Beginnings Resources Ltd.
New Design Sales Ltd.
New Fibers International Ltd.
Newtec Industries Ltd.
Omoco Holdings Ltd.
Ondine's Restaurant
Oneida Resources Ltd.
Orenda Forest Products Ltd.
Pacific Basin Development Corporation
Paladin Fuel Technology Inc.
P.D.C. Industrial Coatings Inc.
Peter Pan Ballroom
Rainex Industries Ltd.
Realsearch International Systems Corporation
Recco Research Corporation
Rimacan Resources Ltd.
Royal LePage Coronation Park
Santiago Mining Ltd.
Santico Mining and Exploration
Schmitt Industries Inc.
Seastar Resource Corporation
Shayna International Industries Ltd.
Showcases International
Silver Falls Resources Ltd.
Skyline Explorations Ltd.
Spanish Bay Reef Resort
Spectair Industries Inc.
The Barons
Today's Market Line
Tournigan Resources Corporation
Travelex Management Limited
Truemark Resources Ltd.
Tundra Gold Mines Ltd.
Tylox Resource Corporation
Vanasa International
Vancouver Police Department
Vancouver Stock Exchange
Villeneuve Resources Ltd.
Westlake Industries Ltd.
Westley Mines Ltd.
Wheeler Dealers Ltd.
585486 B.C. Limited
588592 B.C. Limited

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